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HybridIRC is a volunteer organization that provides free chat services to the online community. We are committed to providing quality chat solutions. We are currently staffed with a group of dedicated and committed individuals whom give of their time freely to ensure that we provide the best service possible. We encourage you too look around and see if our solutions can help you.

We're not a faceless corporation; we make no money from our service. We're a group of geeks who want to help people communicate. We began as a vision of a few friends and, with the help of our sponsors, have become a popular service. Our mission is best described in a rant by Russ Allbery, a system administrator at Stanford University:


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IRCNow provides internet services for the free and open source community. IRCNow is a federation of servers to create a network that ensures user freedom. Learn about IRCNow's goals.

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OVH provides our connectivity and hardware. OVH offers a wide range of IT services to companies, and to individuals who are passionate about tech. Whether you're looking at OVH, Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud services, web hosting plans, virtual data centers, dedicated servers or storage solutions, our services are constantly being improved with the very latest innovations, and are regularly developed with new features.