HybridIRC Staff

Information about your friendly network operators

HybridIRC current staff members

Currently, we have 6 active operators on the network.

# Nickname Location Date Joined Languages E-Mail Position
1 Gokturk November, 2018 Gokturk@hybridirc.com Network Administrator
2 Berat November, 2018 Berat@hybridirc.com Network Administrator
3 Luffy February, 2019 Luffy@hybridirc.com Operator
4 MeGatRoN April, 2019 MeGatRoN@hybridirc.com Operator
5 kelalaka April, 2019 kelalaka@hybridirc.com Operator
6 nhk April, 2019 nhk@hybridirc.com Operator

Becoming a staffer

We are currently NOT looking to add any new 'staff' to our network.

When we do, we will ask you. People who ask for access will automatically go to the bottom of the list.

All staff members need to have a good understanding of our IRCd, Services and the Ethos of the network. This means we want knowlegable people that share the same interests to help drive our community forward. If you have to ask what our interests are, then you've missed the boat and are not likely the right person for the job.

Contact staff

You can contact the HybridIRC staff members by joining our help channel #Help on the HybridIRC IRC network.